100 Italian Circular Economy Stories

  • client: Fondazione Symbola / Enel
  • categories: icons
  • year: 2018
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    Fondazione Symbola + Enel

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it" - Albert Einsten
Environmental challenges point to new opportunities that, thanks also to Italian manufacturing traditions, are within our country's grasp: the circular economy is one of the most exciting and promising of these opportunities. Italy – poor in natural resources – has always striven to make more efficient, intelligent and innovative use of materials, implementing what today we call the circular economy. Thanks to these virtuous traditions and our nation's flair for turning limitations into opportunities, we are one of the most advanced countries in both the green and the circular economies. What it is set out to show in the document is a side of Italy – made up of companies, research centres and non-profit organisations – which is often little-known, but which has allowed the country to enjoy such success by embracing the circular economy, in many cases ahead of regulation, which tends to trail behind changes in society and the economy. The 100 subjects featured in the pages allow us to piece together a profile of the vast array of products "made in Italy"; products synonymous with beauty and quality, but also innovation and sustainability. A hundred examples of excellence which tell of Italy’s innovation story and of a model of economy and society that is more sustainable, more competitive and fairer, that could represent the Italian response to the burning issues posed for the Planet by the present and the future.

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