• client: CNR Edizioni
  • categories: print, identity
  • year: 2016
  • credits:

    Logo design and art direction: Lorenzo Ceccotti

Comics&Science is a series by CNR Editions with the objective to promote the relationship between science and entertainment and to encourage the use of comics as a means of communication for science, but at the same time is also to propose science as a new field on which comics can express their potential. It all started back in 2012 with the first edition of Lucca Comics&Science as a collaboration between Andrea Plazzi (degree in mathematics and a top time in the field of comics) and Roberto Natalini (mathematician and CNR research director).

All the C&S previous issues were layed out differently with no consistency at all. The issue #2 of 2016 was the occasion to design a whole new logo and develop a strong yet flexible format for the magazine that could put together long or shorter articles, full stories and strips. 

The Internet issue was presented in October during this year Lucca Comics festival days. It features stories by Leo Ortolani and Federico Bartolucci and celebrates the 30th birthday of the italian world wide web. How does the Internet work? What are the "domain names" and most importantly - in the era of the ubiquitous Social Network - which should be our "real" identity on the Net?

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