Essere Animali

  • client: Essere Animali
  • categories: illustration, icons
  • year: 2019

Essere Animali is a is an Italian animal rights non-profit association founded by a group of activists committed for years in the field of animal rights.

The purpose of the association is to promote a social and political change aimed at overcoming speciesism. Essere Animali’s mission is the dissemination of a culture of relationship between men and animals based on respect and knowledge that outlaws any form of abuse and exploitation.

Thanks to a constant presence on the national territory, Essere Animali leads its awareness raising activities through different communication strategies: information points, protest campaigns, demonstrative actions, acts of civil disobedience, open rescue operations, investigations on animal exploitation and promotion of vegan culture.

I was more than happy to be asked to visually support their informative website and social channels through small illustrations and a set of pictograms that could depict their actions and activities by dialoguing with a pre-existent visual identity. 

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