• client: Numero Cromatico
  • categories: print, identity
  • year: 2019
  • credits:

    A project by Numero Cromatico
    Printed by Risograph Roma
    Messinscèna is an Untitled Association collaboration

Messinscèna is a project by Numero Cromatico (a Rome based research center focusing on neuroscience and contemporary art) aiming to analyze emerging artistic realities through one-shot exhibitions. Each event is dedicated to a single artist showcasing a single art piece available to the public for 5 hours, starting from 7 pm to midnight, always in the same dedicated space.

Why the name Messinscena? Because it merges two words that mean “staging” and  “mis-en-scene” - this cycle of events wants to create a connection between different research fields, trying to understand which are their differences and the similarities, setting up a place where different opinions and points of view meet and new ideas proliferate. The artists are invited to showcase their artwork in the same physical space and come up with a personal set up for the fruition of their piece. The public is invited to live the experience according to precise rules (ie: no photographs and social sharing are allowed).

Several promotional materials were produced: posters, instagram and facebook posts, video interviews to the artists and to the audience who agreed on giving a feedback right after engaging with the artwork. Limited edition and signed risograph prints were produced and sold during the event. The project’s brand identity develops around different basic geometric elements (a straight line, a circle, full flat colors) taken from the traditional Bauhaus visual heritage. The logotype is characterised by the iconic arc of circumference the clock hand creates when moving from 7 pm to midnight, also becoming a C (part of the title) and the main element of all the visual materials. A full flat circle stands as a straight-forward reference of a bull's eye on a stage.

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