Porci con le ali

  • client: Bompiani
  • categories: lettering
  • year: 2016
  • credits:

    Script by Manfredi Giffone / drawings by Fabrizio Longo and Alessandro Parodi / original novel by Lidia Ravera and Marco Lombardo Radice

"Porci con le ali" (Pigs have wings) came out in 1976 establishing itself as the very first Italian (bestselling) Bildungsroman of the '70s generation. Rocco and Antonia were just the pennames of the two writers behind it ( Marco Lombardo Radice e Lidia Ravera) and of the two main characters, two rebellious left wing Italian students carried away, in their daily lives, by their emotions, the search of love, pain, loneliness, fantasy, quest for identity and politcal struggle. At the time the book was originally confiscated as pornographic for the often described as "obsessively repetitious obscene and sexually explicit language but containing the fears and hopes of an entire generation", and then turned into a movie that didn't happen to be as lucky as the novel itself.

For the 2016 graphic novel adaptation I was asked to simply use my handwriting on a school notebook to write down the titles of the chapters. The idea was to have something that looked fresh, raw, and never too refined. Just as spontaneous and urgent as a student handwriting can be.

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