Radicali Italiani

  • client: Radicali Italiani
  • categories: web, icons
  • year: 2016
  • credits:

    Developing: Igloo Sistemi
    Video: Lorenzo Ceccotti

The Italian Radicals are a political party founded in 2001 which describes itself as a "liberal, liberalist and libertarian". 
The party intends to be the Italian section of the Transnational Radical Party, that is to say the continuation of the Radical Party founded in 1955 by the left-wing of the Italian Liberal Party and re-launched in the 1960s by Marco Pannella.

The Italian Radicals are an atypical party for Italy and they are typically viewed as leftist by right-wing people, and rightist by left-wing people. Among other things, they are the only Italian party with a clear anti-clerical agenda, whereas most other parties either support the Catholic Church or are ambivalent.

They are vocal supporters of human and civil rights, including themes such as abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, medical and scientific research and the legalisation of soft drugs. This puts the party at odds with both the mainstream centre-right parties and the centre-left ones.

In November 2016 we launched their brand new website, delivering fresh graphics, a way more flexible yet simpler structure that can bend to their constant communication needs and the big amount of almost daily activities and informations they send out to their followers, also pushing their social and political campaigns in a stronger and more effective way by using data visualization and bolder images.

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