marianna rossi
a creative director telling stories through design
a creative director
telling stories through design
I work collaboratively
with a diversified team to craft design solutions, digital products and visual communication systems for a wide range of clients and industries. The process starts with wondering how real people will approach products by making them part of their lives. The work that comes from it often has an illustrative twist and a playful approach to type choices and color schemes. To tell unique stories through design is what I love the most and I'm up to the challenge to tell yours.

Ziba Design (Portland)

Belle&Wissell (Seattle)

Cinco Design (Portland)

Decoy (Portland)

BCV Associati (Rome)

Bake (Rome)

Humus Design (Rome)

Latte Creative (Rome/Turin)

Marimo (Rome)

Sketchin (Manno/Rome)


Illusive 2 – Gestalten, 2007

Illusive 3 – Gestalten, 2009

Print Magazine (w/ Belle&Wissell), 2009

Illustration, Laurence King, 2011

Spollo Kitchen, Corraini, 2014

Millennials – La nuova scena della grafica italiana, Aiap, 2015

Novum Magazine, April 2017 (w/ Humus Design)

Graphis Design Annual 2017 / 2 Silver Awards (w/ Humus Design)


Progetto Grafico – Aiap


La musica di Peter Saville

Jon Burgerman, Biro Web

Design for the 21st century

Red, wine and green

La grafica laconica e poetica
di Michael Engelmann

Paul Davis, Show People

Letterspace 2007 Typecon Seattle

Inversione di percezione. La tipografia suggestiva di Marian Bantjes

Head to Head. La comunicazione nel manifesto politico




Cultural Editorial Staff – Issues 0, 1, 2, 3, 4



Orpetron webdesign awards
- Site of the day, 06.19.23

CSS Design Awards
- ui, ux – innovation design award awarded by the community, 06.06.23
Special kudos – Awarded by the judges, 06.06.23

WD Awards – favourite web design, 06.16.23

Awwwards – Honors, 06.27.23


Graphis Design Annual 2017


2 Silver Awards (w/ Humus Design)